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Success Stories
"My dog Scout was in Judi's Beginner Training class & she loved it and learned so much! Judi is a very knowledgeable, patiend trainer. She has a true love for animals and it shines through in her training methods."
About The Trainer
About the trainer
Positive Reinforcement
Positive Reinforcement
 "Training Center Consultations"
1 Hour Session - $125
Packages: 3 Sessions - $350
($25 savings)
5 Sessions - $550 ($75 savings)
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and prices for our in-home sessions.
"Missed a session? We will try to work with you, ask and we may have a solution."

We are located in Downtown Plymouth!
758 Wing Street, Plymouth, MI 48170

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Why Choose Trust & Obey?

Effective Pet Communication

I often find myself saddened by the way I see people training their dogs. Some trainers use harsher, strict methods for training, causing dogs to shut down and be fearful, which only brings on more behavior issues.

If your trainer has taught you to train that way, and you
have never felt right about it, trust your gut. These training
methods are old school, and the trainer is not keeping up
on new ways to train your dogs without causing fear or pain. This is an unregulated business and needs to change. Research trainers and be sure they are certified.
There is no need to shout at, hit, "break your dog's spirit", "be the pack leader or alpha". I can help you learn better more effective ways to communicate with your pet. My methods are positive and very effective. Positive and Force Free training is backed by Scientists and Behaviorists. 
                                            -- Judi Hales, ABCDT

Positive Training that Really Works!

My training programs teach your dog to connect with you and strengthen your bond. The end result will be that your dog will learn to listen to your cues while you eliminate or curtail unacceptable behavior challenges. This will be accomplished while keeping your dog's tail wagging!

Experience the difference!