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Fun with Fido


Fun with Fido - Trust & Obey Pawsitive Dog Training - Fun_with_Fido1Pre-agility - Shaping - Tricks - Games

This class is ideal if you want to move on to agility. The class teaches shaping, and introductions to non-regulation agility equipment. There will also be some tricks and games at the end of each class.

Confidence Building

The class is also helpful for somewhat skittish dogs, it builds their confidence and owners learn the proper way how to desensitize their dogs to the equipment and other things the dog may encounter in life as well.

Class Requirements:

  • Basic Obedience preferred, but a good understanding of sit-stay and down-stay is helpful.
  • Dogs must not be overly reactive toward other dogs.
Fun with Fido - Trust & Obey Pawsitive Dog Training - Fun_with_Fido2