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"You can teach an old dog a new trick with positive reinforcement!"

Private LessonsPrivate Dog Training Lessons Plymouth MI - Trust & Obey Pawsitive Dog Training School - lydia

Most private lessons are to work on behavioral issues your dog may have. Private lessons are offered at the Training Center. If in-home private lessons are preferred, the trainer can make arrangements outside class hours.

Getting Started on the Right Paw - Puppies -
$75* (at training center)
$100* (in-home)
Includes a $25 coupon for a class.

The single private lesson is 1 hour long. The trainer will go over topics like: house breaking, mouthing/ nipping, chewing, crate training, socializing, etc.

2 Hour Consult - (more involved cases)
$150* (at training center)
$200* (in-home)

The single private lesson usually lasts 1-1/2 to 2 hours long. The trainer will start by asking several questions so that it can be pinpointed what areas need to be worked on to get an idea of what is going on to cause behavior issue. After the questions, the trainer will go over what needs to be worked on and have you practice it with your dog. Price includes 2 follow up phone calls.

Private Dog Training Lessons Plymouth MI - Trust & Obey Pawsitive Dog Training School - unnamed1 Hour Session -
$125* (at training center)
$150* (in-home)

3 Lesson Package -
$350* (at training center)
$400* (in-home)

5 Lesson Package -
$500* (at training center)
$550* (in-home)

If the issue needs more than one visit, we have discounted packages of 3 and 5 sessions, where we will conduct the first 2 hour session as indicated above, followed by 4 - 1 hour sessions. This also can be formatted to fit your needs. Some clients use the 5 session package as a private basic obedience class if they cannot attend a class with other dogs.


Call to speak with the trainer to help decide what package will work best for you.

*(There will be an additional $50 added for every extra 1/2 hour), In-Home private sessions only to trainer's local area.