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"You can teach an old dog a new trick with positive reinforcement!"

Observation Program

This class is for observing our Firm Foundations class for dogs that are: Reactive – Overwhelmed – Overstimulated – Fearful or Grouchy around other dogs.

This training class is for humans to learn what to do at home.

Being in the room and able to observe the other dogs in class allows you to see how things are done, ask questions and also be able to see some troubleshooting when things don’t go perfectly. You get more out of it than a zoom class. We cover more than basic obedience exercises, the class will also learn    a lot about dog behavior and you will get a work sheet at the beginning of class so you can follow along and take notes. For each student in this program, the trainer will spend a little time before or after each class and make sure things are going well at home.