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 "Training Center Consultations"
$100/consult visit (2 hours), $250 3-pack, $400 5-pack
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Effective Pet Communication

I often find myself disturbed by the way I see people training their dogs. Some people use harsher, strict methods for training, causing their dogs to shut down and be fearful, which only brings on more behavior issues.
It doesn't need to be that way! There is no need to shout at, hit or break your dog's spirit. I can help you learn better more effective ways to communicate with your pet. My methods are positive and very effective.

Positive Training that Really Works!

My training programs teach your dog to accept you as a benevolent leader. The end result will be that your dog will learn to listen to your cues while you eliminate or curtail unacceptable behavior challenges. This will be accomplished while keeping your dog's tail wagging!

Experience the difference!